We attack the growing unmet medical needs in chronic inflammation and cancer.

We face three major challenges that need concerted efforts of society and the R&D community as a whole. Given the multitude of the challenges, these efforts require a fundamental paradigm shift in drug development.

We focus on chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer.

We engage in the global fight against COVID-19.

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of a complex disease group with high degree of co-morbidities. Those diseases take a huge toll on quality of life hundreds of millions of people. 

Late detection and therapeutic solutions, dominated by complexity have a significant economic burden that can only be expressed in $trillions.

Our society faces a health challenge

Industry faces a discovery challenge

Most inflammatory disease targets and many cancers, dominated by protein-protein interactions, are among the most difficult ones to drug. 

Another challenge is that limited druggability of disease leads to “compromises” in target selection, potentially ignoring the targets most suitable for treatment. This includes the focus on one target rather than evaluating multi-target pathways. 

Additionally, conventional methods limit the opportunities to discover and develop oral therapies leaving the field unnecessarily to complex and costly therapies like antibodies.

R&D faces a productivity and technology challenge

Besides tremendous technological progress, R&D in drug discovery and development is considered as slow and expensive. This low productivity paired with growing capital intensity leads to more than $1 billion on average to be invested to get one new drug to the market. In addition, the timeframe and costs for clinical trials needed to register new chemical entities (NCEs) has been extended in many cases to sometimes over 10 years.

Our Focus

  • Chronic Inflammatory diseases and Cancer with their most challenging molecular targets.
  • Drug Discovery: Designed small molecules for protein-protein interaction targets as well as RNA-protein interaction targets.
  • We engage in the global fight against COVID-19 by discovery and design of antiviral compounds for SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses.


Sanoosa Pty. Ltd.

Melbourne, Vic 


E: info @ sanoosa . com

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