Who we are

 Dr Herbert Treutlein

Co-Founder and Director

Dr Wolfgang Kissel

Co-Founder and Director

  • Expert in molecular modelling and computational drug design 
  • Over 20 years experience in academia and industry. 
  • Education: PhD from TU München 
  • Experience: Worked at Yale University, Univ. of Illinois UIUC, LICR, Cytopia
  • Over 50 publications and 4 patents. 
  • LinkedIn: au.linkedin.com/in/herberttreutlein
  • Expert in developing and implementing strategies, organizational excellence, leadership.   
  • Over 20 years executive experience with global responsibilities in the Life Sciences industry and entrepreneurial ventures (Boehringer, Roche, Valeant).
  • Education: PhD from University Hohenheim. 
  • LinkedIn: au.linkedin.com/in/wolfgangkissel

Our Values


For us, credibility starts with doing what we say, being reliable and keeping our promises to our customers, partners and colleagues. Before we make a claim, we will rigorously test our hypothesis and results and we want to be held accountable for what we deliver. We create a maximum of transparency in how we work, so everybody knows where they stand with us.


We know that real success is built on the work of many and can only be achieved when we foster true collaboration among all stakeholders. We build on what we have in common and use differences to learn from each other. This helps us to focus on the real issues and to serve foremost our customers. We respect each other’s proficiency, and supporting each other and sharing our knowhow and skills will create benefits for all involved.


We are striving for excellence in all areas of our work. Mediocre performance has no place in Sanoosa. For us, excellence is always going for the best solution, no matter where it comes from. Excellence means also for us to learn from others and listen to the people who know. We admit that we cannot be excellent in all aspects. Therefore, we are working with partners who are excellent in their own field of specialty.


We are curious and always on the lookout to find better and novel solutions for our customers and for Sanoosa. We look for ideas from other fields of expertise, learn and integrate them into our approaches. When customers come with difficult and hard tasks we want to be regarded as the specialists they go to for getting the unique solutions and outcomes they need.


Customer delight means that we provide outstanding products with superior support and service, which are value creating, innovative and reliable. Through empathetic listening we anticipate our customers’ needs and provide novel solutions. We know that customer delight cannot be taken for granted. We therefore will create customer delight every day at every interaction with our customers. To ensure that we live this core value, customer delight will be measured and monitored with the same emphasis as financial performance.

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This website makes use of cookies. Please see our privacy policy for details.