We Computerize Drug Discovery

“A Talent for following the ways of yesterday is not sufficient to improve the world of today.”

King Wu-ling (307 BC)

Today, more than $1 billion on average has to be invested to get one new drug to the market. However, many drugs are actually only effective and beneficial for a small part of the population. In addition, the timeframe and costs for clinical trials needed to register new chemical entities (NCEs) has been extended in many cases to sometimes over 10 years. The combination of decreasing R&D productivity and “imprecision medicine” represent a growing problem for health care which so far has been little-noticed.

We use our unique computational methods to discover and design active ingredients for difficult to drug disease targets.

We apply our computational methods in the earliest phase of drug discovery. We replace most of the experimental methods, which makes the discovery process much quicker, much cheaper and the outcomes more accurate. We achieve 50-100x higher hit rates than HTS. We work with a minimum of experimental lab work and therefore are >5x quicker and save up to 80% of costs

This means we clarify druggability and mode of action at the earliest possible time and then follow through a structured and very disciplined process until we have patentable compound series. We achieve > 20-fold productivity gains in target druggability evaluation.

We discover and design small molecules which act as inhibitors of disease targets. The drug candidates we discover and design come with an accuracy that increases their potential for success in the later development stages.We apply this for our own product development but also to help others in their discovery work.

Our MFMD technology is predestined to explore protein surfaces, protein-protein interactions and binding sites which are difficult to detect or to drug.

We develop tailor-made solutions by combining our unique technology with our structured and disciplined process management. Our scientific advisory competence enables us to find the right solution for the problem at hand and not just a solution.

We aim to build our product pipeline in the growing field of Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitors, Ion-Channels and with designed small molecules to replace therapeutic proteins.

Our strategy in brief

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This website makes use of cookies. Please see our privacy policy for details.